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Exercise Key Conjunctive Adverbs
d essay for his American Literature class.2However, he wasnt familiar with the writing process. 3Therefore, he made anappointment at the Writing Center ... Adv
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Exercise Key Sentence Patterns
C), Dependent Clauses (DC), coordinating conjunctions (cc), and conjunctive adverbs (ca). Sentence Patterns: IC. IC. IC. IC, coordinating conjunction ... Patter
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Building Compound Sen
more independent clauses that are joined by a semicolon, a comma plus a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS words), or a semicolon plus a subordinating conj ... Word - Building Compound
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erm Study Guide and Practice Tes
see class pack, p. 4-12) -compound sentences (see class pack, p. 25-26) -complex sentences (see class pack, p. 33-38) -correcting run-ons, comma splices, ... 2012 50/50MidtermStu
pages: 8 | size: 91.00 KB | 0 0 | 0 comments
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